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I'm a full time software engineer for SetemTech, where I work on state-of-the-art signal processing algorithms. Previously, I was a computer science graduate student at the University of New Hampshire, where I researched motion planning and heuristic search with the UNH AI Group under advisor Wheeler Ruml. I hold a B.S. in genetics from the same institution.

At UNH, I have TA'ed or tutored students taking Intro. to Computer Science I and II, Introduction to Scientific Programming, Data Structures, and Intro. to Applications Programming with Visual Basic.


stephen {at}
Setem Technologies
12 Kent Way, Suite 210
Newbury, MA 01922

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Student Loan Bitcoin Fund:

My PGP Public Key (ID: E6DFA40B) is on the MIT Public Key Server and the PGP Global Directory.
Be sure to verify the signature by importing the key and verifying its authenticity using the provided sig file:

                 gpg2 --verify 2D43ED4451DCCC3863F4E236DBC30651E6DFA40B.asc.sig 2D43ED4451DCCC3863F4E236DBC30651E6DFA40B.asc
                 gpg: Signature made 04/20/16 16:47:14 Eastern Daylight Time using RSA key ID E6DFA40B
                 gpg: Good signature from "Stephen Dunn (semiprime) " [ultimate]

If you get a warning from gpg, try marking the key as trusted first:

                 gpg2 --edit-key E6DFA40B

You can then use the “trust” command to adjust the level to something higher.
In the example above, I have naturally set my own key's trust level to “ultimate”.

Updated: April 29, 2016